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A new technology to alleviate pinched nerves in the neck and discomfort caused by degenerative disc disease—called DTRAX—is now available in San Diego. Dr. David Petersen, an orthopedic surgeon with Paradise Valley Hospital, is the first doctor in both San Diego and Orange County to perform a cervical fusion with DTRAX technology.

The DTRAX system utilizes tissue-sparing instruments and implants to “unpinch” a patient’s spinal nerve by decompressing and stabilizing the joints in the spine. This approach is designed to alleviate the pain, tingling, and numbness and provide long-term relief from spinal discomfort.

“DTRAX offers my patients the possibility of rapid improvement with shorter recovery time than surgery with traditional spinal instrumentation,” said Dr. Petersen. “I am excited this new technology is available to help patients get back to what’s important in their lives.”

The traditional surgery to address a pinched nerve is performed through the front of the neck. While effective it has some drawbacks; patients may have a visible scar and difficulty swallowing. A cervical fusion with DTRAX can be performed from the back of the neck and many patients leave the hospital the same day as surgery. Patients often report immediate improvement and experience a fast recovery.

“My goal is to help patients get back to healthy and productive lives quickly,” Dr. Petersen noted. “Patients love how a fusion using the DTRAX system resolves their symptoms and how there’s just a tiny scar on the back of the neck. It’s a significant advancement in spinal surgery.”