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SBRC Outpatient Services

Why Choose Outpatient Services at SBRC?

We will provide you with one-on-one therapy by our certified and registered therapy staff, ensuring that you receive the greatest benefit from their treatment programs. Our outpatient rehabilitation center is expansive and boasts many different treatment areas and resources to meet the needs of our clients.

Our skilled multidisciplinary staff is dedicated to providing you with individualized care that meets your unique condition and goals. We will maintain contact with your physician and work with them to continually assess and revise your treatment as necessary. We will keep you involved and educated about your care so that you can continue your recovery process at home.

For further information, contact us at (619) 470-4300.

The Referral Process

Medical offices, please fax all referrals to: (619) 470-4301 or deliver them to our office. You may contact us at the Outpatient Services Front Office at (619) 470-4300. Our office will contact your patient within 48 hours from the time your referral is received. We accept most government and private insurance, including worker’s compensation. We also have cash pay options available.

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