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The hospital and Paradise Valley Hospital employees have recently been featured in the Union-Tribune and the LA Times.

PVH was featured on the front page of the LA Times on Tuesday, July 28. The story, “Underserved and underfunded: Inside California’s county hit hardest by COVID-19,” by Ruben Vives, is about the current surge of COVID-19 cases in Imperial County, and PVH’s role in accepting transfer patients from that region is discussed. PVH ED Director Jennifer Saunders is quoted in the story, and photos of PVH RNs Jeanette Pimentel and Kyah Paschall are featured.​

In the June 13 issue, Union-Tribune staff writer Paul Sisson did a story on PVH’s collaboration with the UCSD Mobile ECMO team to treat a patient who was critically ill with COVID-19. The story is titled, “On the Bleeding Edge of the COVID-19 Fight”:

The same writer published another story that featured the three hospitals of the South Bay and how they are handling the day-to-day grind of the ongoing crisis. PVH employees Brandon Aberg and Vanessa Ransaw are featured in, “Don’t Think You Need a Mask? Front-line Workers Beg to Differ”:

Both of these Union-Tribune stories have accompanying videos.

Lastly, PVH Lab Technician Vic Sevilla is interviewed in the UT story, “COVID-19 cases, deaths surpass flu numbers for the entire 2019-20 season in San Diego,” that ran in the Health section of the July 18 issue. The article can be read here: