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Paradise Valley Hospital is excited to now be offering CT-free robotic-assisted surgery. This system is specifically for partial knee replacement surgery, helping improve precision, accuracy, and clinical outcomes for patients. Orthopedists at Paradise Valley Hospital will now be able to use this advanced technology to achieve optimal placement.

The Blue Belt Technologies Navio™ Surgical System is designed to not just enhance and simplify the surgical procedure, but improve outcomes and a patient’s life following the completion of the surgery. By using a CT-free, intra-operative platform, a surgeon is able to plan and navigate the robotic system through the procedure to address each patient’s specific anatomy.

Surgeons utilize a robotic-controlled handpiece to assist with preparing the bone for removal and replacement. The freehand sculpting technique is enhanced by robotic assistance, leading to ultimate precision.

Dr. David Fabi of Paradise Valley Hospital is excited about the new technology, commenting, “The patient receives the benefits of robotic guidance without additional time spent for pre-operative procedures.”

The robotic-assisted device uses motion sensors that are placed on and near the knee area during the procedure to capture bone structure. This information is then mapped out on a nearby computer. The technology ensures that knee ligaments are balanced effectively, creating a replacement that feels much more natural.

“Partial knee replacement is becoming a popular alternative to total knee replacement for eligible patients,” says Dr. Fabi. “Patients who qualify for a partial joint replacement tend to experience less pain right after surgery, have a quicker recovery, and have a shorter hospital stay.”


For those who battle osteoarthritis, this new surgical system will be extremely promising. Using robotic-assisted technology, the surgical procedure to treat this condition becomes much less invasive, resulting in a faster recovery for most patients.

Neerav Jadeja, Paradise Valley Hospital administrator, believes the new technology will help expand the options for San Diegans in need of partial knee replacement. “Several of our skilled orthopedic surgeons are already undergoing additional training on the technology to ensure we can meet the growing demand that has resulted from this new technology,” he says.

Only two hospitals in San Diego offer this innovative, advanced technology for partial knee replacement.

Paradise Valley Hospital always strives to remain on the leading edge of surgical procedures and medical technology. We are proud to offer our community treatment through the Blue Belt Technologies Navio™ Surgical System.