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Heart failure is a serious condition that happens when the heart cannot pump enough blood and oxygen to support other organs in the body. Although heart failure rates are lower in San Diego County compared with other areas of the state and country, many San Diegans are hospitalized annually for heart failure.

To find out which hospitals are better at treating heart failure across the nation, data was pulled from the government’s Hospital Compare website from July 2012 through June 2015 (which is the most recent data available) by Becker’s Infection Control & Clinical Quality.

Paradise Valley Hospital was the only hospital in San Diego to be named among the 50 nationwide with the lowest 30-day mortality rates from heart failure, according to this federal data.

The 50 hospitals on the list had a 30-day mortality rate from heart failure of 8.9% or less. Paradise Valley Hospital’s rate was 8.3%. For reference, the national average is 12.2%. In California, 15 hospitals made the list.

“Not only is Paradise Valley the only San Diego hospital to be recognized for excellent treatment of heart failure, but the only San Diego hospital to be named a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures by The Joint Commission over the last five years,” said Neerav Jadeja, administrator. “We continue to be nationally recognized for our quality care and patient safety year after year.”

Common symptoms of heart failure include shortness of breath; trouble breathing when lying down; weight gain; swelling in feet, ankles, stomach and legs; and a general feeling of tiredness and weakness.

Early diagnosis and treatment can improve quality and length of life for those diagnosed with heart failure. Treatment typically includes getting more exercise, reducing sodium intake and taking medication.

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