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Miguel’s Story

“Although I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2016. And even though I haven’t had a flare up since then, these past three weeks have been very difficult for me. I suddenly lost all feeling and movement from my waist down after literally being able to run, skate or bike less than 24 hours ago. And doctors can’t promise anything, so when I would ask if I was going to be able to walk again they would just shrug their shoulders. That did not help at all and brought me down even more. For two weeks I was being treated at a medical center to calm my symptoms and I didn’t have much hope. I was told the best option for me would be to go to rehab, but I wasn’t a fan of that idea; I was nervous, but I wanted to get better.
“My whole mood changed the very moment I got to my room at South Bay Rehabilitation Center. Most staff came and introduced themselves and made sure I got settled well. They helped me set up my clothes for easy access, set up my bathroom essentials, my electronics were plugged in and most important that my call button was set up. The staff here have amazing communication with each other and with their patients. When you hit that call button, they respond right away. During my entire stay here the nurses made sure I had everything I needed, 24/7. They made my stay easy, comfortable and fast. My occupational therapist and physical therapist gave me the hope and motivation I needed. From the beginning they had great energy, the type of energy that makes you want to work. They motivated me to push myself, made me see that I could do more than I thought I could and much more. It took one full day for me to feel that I made the right decision. I know I will be prepared, comfortable and ready to get back to the outside world.”
–Miguel M.

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