ER Wait Time: 7 minutes | If you are having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.


On May 19, 24 COVID-19-positive patients were transported from hospitals in Imperial County to San Diego. Paradise Valley Hospital admitted 13 of those 24 patients. Imperial County hospitals experienced an overnight spike in COVID-19 admissions and had to go into “diversion,” meaning they could no longer accept more COVID-19 patients. New patients were instead transported to hospitals in San Diego County. Imperial County hospitals have since ended diversion and are now accepting new admissions.

“We are willing and able to help our fellow hospitals,” said Neerav Jadeja, CEO of Paradise Valley Hospital (PVH). “We’re all a part of the same healthcare safety net, and all of the hospitals here work together with county and state agencies to serve our communities as best we can,” Jadeja reports that, at the moment, PVH has an adequate amount of personal protective equipment and staff to assist with any surge in COVID-19 cases, and the hospital remains open to treat all non-COVID patients, as well. “If you have a medical emergency–any medical emergency–don’t hesitate to visit Paradise Valley Hospital. We have taken all necessary precautions to keep our patients safe.”

Mayor of National City, Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, applauded the willingness of the National City community to pitch in and help. “As fellow Californians, it’s important that mutual aid be provided to communities in need,” said the Mayor. “This week’s effort on behalf of Paradise Valley Hospital to aid the Calexico community, after being contacted by the State of California, is praiseworthy. Even as they accepted patients from Calexico via helicopter, PVH leadership maintains that they still have enough bed space to address the needs of our National City residents and clarified that, as patients recover, they will be returned to their home communities.”